Q.  What is Consignment?
A.  Consignment is an arrangement in which goods are left in the possession of another party, usually a business, to sell.  The business accepts items for sale and agrees to pay the seller a percentage of the proceeds if and when the items do sell.

Q.  How much do I get paid to consign?
A.  If and when your item(s) sell, we will send you a check for 60% of the sale price.​

Q.  What items do you take on consignment?
A.  We accept new and pre-loved bridal gowns, prom gowns, mother's dresses, formal wear, shoes, and jewelry. Items MUST be cleaned prior to us consigning them.  All items will be inspected prior to consigning and will be turned away if damaged or dirty.

Q.  Do I need an appointment to drop off consignment items?
A.  No.  You are welcome to stop in at any time during our regular business hours, and we will gladly look at your items!

Q.  How long will my items stay on consignment?
A.  The consignment contract is for 6 months.  

Q.  What happens after my consignment contract expires?
A.  Items automatically become property of Cinderella's Boutique once the contract expires.  You may also renew your consignment contract or are welcome to pick up your items at any time during your contract period.

Q.  Will you notify me when my items sell?
A.  Yes.  We will notify you via your requested contact method. 

Q.  How will I receive payment if my consignment items sell?
A.  We issue consignment checks on the first of each month.  You are welcome to pick up your consignment check starting on the second of each month, or we will mail it to you for a $1 fee which will be deducted from your commission payout.